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Brush On Lashes



Instantly long lashes which are easily removable


-Instantly long lashes

-Build on your lashes for a length of your choice

-No uncomfortable glue, no fear of eyelashes coming off


Instantly long, full and gorgeous eyelashes.

Beaut-Boutique’s Brush on Lashes has been created for the woman who wants to add a boost to their eye lashes for a thicker, fuller and longer look. The formulation will not smudge or fall off ensuring that your lashes stay where they belong, not on the face.

The false lashes in a tube sensation removes the need for sticky glue and eliminates the fear of embarrassing situations associated with regular false lashes where they can peel or  fall off meaning women can leave the house with the confidence that they will look fabulous all day. Having to choose between style and function is a thing of the past as lashes will now have long-lasting oomph thanks to a little dressing up from Beaut-Boutique’s Brush On Lashes.

Delivery is a flat fee by standard mail.

*Please note due to hygiene reasons and product type, all sales are final and will not be eligible for exchange.

To be used with your daily water based mascara. Use Brush On Lashes before applying any other make-up. Apply an initial layer of mascara. Whilst looking down, to avoid stray fibres getting into your eyes, apply a generous layer of Brush On Lashes. Repeat these steps until you reach the length and thickness desired. Finally, apply one last layer of mascara to lock on the fibres. Wipe away any stray fibres. To remove product, use make-up remover or wipes.

CAUTION: Please check ingredients before use. If allergic to ingredients please do not use. If pregnant consult with your doctor before use. Do not consume product. If you experience any rash or irritation, flush eyes with cold water and consult a doctor immediately.

Nylon-6, Amorphous Silica, Carbon Black

“I love the brush on lashes mascara it’s light on the eyelashes, easy to apply and gives that natural fuller look. “
Ms K.Kaur

“My friend introduced me to the brush on lashes. It was so easy to apply, looked amazing as if I had false eyelashes on. It was also easy to remove with my normal eye makeup. Would recommend it to anyone. “
Ellie. A

“I always wear fake eye lashes but I saw this and thought I’d give it a try. The brush on lashes was just as effective. I must say it was quick , no glueing or pealing eyelashes and looked so natural.”

“I’ve always wanted fuller eyelashes without using the fake lashes. I’ve used so many different brands mascara and extensions. But when I tried Brush On Lash mixed with my mascara I had the perfect full lash look. I use it all the time during the day at work or just add more on in the evening for that evening look. It’s amazing. “

“The Brush on lashes mascara isn’t just a mascara it’s powder based mascara that adds volume, length and curl that every girl should have. It’s simple no glue, no salon, no weight and portable. Should be in every girls make up bag. “

“When I first tried Brush On Lashes it was a little messy and the odd fibre would fall into my eye. But when random people at work started to comment on how long my “natural lashes” where and how lucky my gene pool is, I knew I would stick with this product. Every morning I apply my “natural (brush on)lashes” before starting my make up regime. A drop of cold water in the eye takes care of any fibre’s that used to fall in my eye. And for a subtle change in regime order, I have the longest lashes in the office”